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 Our Company


  • Started in horse trading 30 Years ago, we now have extensive livestock experience and international market know how
  • Registered in Isle of Man, offices in Holland, Romania and Jordan
  • Operating worldwide with a team of experts
  • Specialised in large livestock contracts and agri-projects
  • Joint venture partners and contracted farms in: Australia, USA, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico and Lithuania.
  • Ready to offer large quantities livestock at competitive pricing and short term.  


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 Livestock on offer

  • MILK / DAIRY PREGNANT and non-pregnant HEIFERS as Frisian Holstein, Simmenthal, Brown Suisse, Montbelliard, Jersey, from Europe, USA, Canada and South America
  • BEEF RACE HEIFERS, pregnant and non-pregnant , races like Limousine, Charolais, Angus, Hereford, Belgium Blue, Blond d ~Aquitaine, Zebu, Nelore from Europe, South America, USA and Australia
  • SLAUGHTER BULLS, Big quantity, from Europe, Australia, South America, European meat races and their crossings as also Zebu and Nelore (crosses) 450kg upwards
  • FATTENING BULLS AND STEERS from Europe, South and Middle America , Australia Races like Charolais, Limousine, Herford, Angus, Belgium Blue, Simmenthal
  • BUFFALO from South America (top quality) or India
  • SHEEP / LAMBS FOR MEAT and BREEDING and DIRECT MILKING f.e.Merino, Tsaucana, Texel, Dörper, Male or Female, or mixed, from Europe, South America and Australia
  • DAIRY and MEAT GOATS, big numbers from Europe and Australia, by truck, air or vessel in milk, in EUR, on offer Boerbok, Saane, Alpine, etc.


Dairy products

  • MILK POWDER SMP and FCMP in 25 kg bags
  • CONDENSED MILK in cans


  • FRESH BEEF, can be Halal, up to 1000 MT/month, from Romania
  • FROZEN BEEF, can be Halal, 2500 MT/month, supply from our plant in Romania, or Australia, South America, Middle America,  transport by container
  • BUFFALO MEAT, fresh or frozen, can be Halal 


  • FROZEN HALAL WHOLE GRILLER, 1000-1500gr. , individually wrapped or block packed in boxes of 10 or 15 kg, from Brasil, India or Europe.
  • GRILLER PARTS single pack or block packed, origin from Europe or India

Lamb / Mutton

  • LAMB / MUTTON CARCASS complete or 6 cut, from Romania, Australia for year round supply
  • LAMB/MUTTON OFFALS / HEADS on request, minimum order 1 container

We supply livestock and meat to China, Egypt, Middle-East, etc.


 Your Specific Demand

  • Please let us know your specific demand.
  • For livestock send us your Import Permit and the current Veterinary Health protocol between export-import countries and proof of funds and we are more than happy to quote and supply you soonest.

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